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Grenelefe Estates is a small community of homes in the Bethany neighborhood near Portland, Oregon.


The 2021 HOA Newsletter is available for download here.


July 2019 – Neighborhood Alert – Mice and rats have been spotted on multiple properties throughout Grenelefe. These critters can cause extensive damage to insulation and wiring and should not be ignored.

Things to watch for:

  • Holes around building foundations – houses or sheds
  • Mouse and/or rat droppings
  • Signs of gnawing

Things to avoid:

  • Urban chicken coops (against HOA rules anyway)
  • Open/uncontained kitchen compost
  • Pet food and bird seed left outside

For questions or concerns please contact julie@theslacks.net.




The Grenelefe community homes are part of the Beaverton School District and support highly rated schools.

Beaverton School District

Bethany Elementary School

Five Oaks Middle School

Westview High School



The local utility companies that service the Grenelefe community are:

Tualatin Valley Water District

Garbarino Disposal & Recycling

Portland General Electric

NW Natural Gas

County & City information

Even though Grenelefe is part of the Beaverton School District, we are not within the Beaverton City Limits. Our services are provided by Washington County.

Washington County website

Washington County Sheriff’s Office  Non-Emergency contact number: 503-629-0111

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue   503-649-8577

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District